iTV-Prompters in the Newsroom
Each camera in an iTV-Newsroom system comes equipped with a teleprompter

The iTV-Prompter is the lowest-cost and lightest-weight teleprompter on the market. It is also a widescreen prompter with over twice the screen area of popular iPad-based teleprompters.

The iTV-Prompter is half the weight of beam-splitting teleprompters, with their heavy two-way mirror glass. Our studies show that viewers rarely detect the slight downward (or upward) angle of the news-reader's eyes that front-surface teleprompters require. Although a viewer can rapidly detect the slight aversion of the eyes when one looks at another person's ear, for example, the much more common looking at another's forehead or mouth are not noticeable, probably because it happens all the time in normal conversation.

iTV-Prompters are driven by prompter software in any Mac or PC with a VGA output. iTV-

We also offer an economical front-screen iPad teleprompter.