What is an iTV-Studio?

The design goal of iTV-Studio is to put the core technology you need to produce a three-camera live television show into a roll-about suitcase. That means three HDMI camcorders with enough storage to record isolated media that you can use in post. It means program and preview monitors, four camera monitors, and a state-of-the art HD video/audio switcher with the essential cuts, wipes, and dissolves. It means a touchscreen laptop computer that provides your control surface and that can accept an HD video internet feed from a remote guest via Skype or Google+, replacing one of your camera inputs.

It means one-way audio and video to your camera operators, so that they can ready their shots for a take, can see themselves on preview, then see when you take them to program and when you switch away.
It means instant replays from any camera, as well as playback from stored media files for titles, credits, teases, and promos/commercials.

Finally, it means H.264 hardware compression for feeds to Livestream or Ustream so your show can be seen as it happens by as many viewers as you can attract. You will be an internet television pioneer.

Three to Six Full HD Camcorders.

To keep the iTV-Studio affordable, we equip it with low-cost consumer camcorders. We find that they have excellent zoom lenses to cover large-venue events, as well as low-light capabilities that deliver good images in available light. Their small size allows us to pack three camcorders and all the needed HDMI cables in one suitcase measuring 9" x 14" by 22". We ship camcorders with long-life batteries and AC adapters.

Multiple Monitors on a built-in 20" HD 1920 x 1080 screen.

When you open the lid of the iTV-Studio, you find ten virtual monitor screens - program, preview, four camera monitors, two expansion camera monitors (for iTV-Studio-6 models), and two media file player monitors. With our accessory camera monitors, the preview, program and all the camera screens are sent to the camera operators.

Optional Wireless Camcorder.

We offer a battery-powered transmitter-receiver pair that replaces the HDMI cable from a camcorder, so one camera is free to move around at the event.